Hunting trips with Barrel and Boar Outings

It has been twenty years since I first went hunting abroad. Under my father’s wing, a new world opened up for me in Poland. The impressions I got then are still fresh in my mind. The ingredients of the soup were a big question mark, but the atmosphere did not suffer for that at all. It was splendid.

The friendly, close relationship between hunters, beaters and organisation appealed to me immediately. But most of all the excitement of embarking on an adventure together in a foreign country felt enriching. A passion within a passion was born.

I still have trouble pronouncing Polish sentences. But it soon became clear to me that the language of the hunt is universal. I was hooked immediately, and my fascination for countries in Central and Eastern Europe has always remained.

What is it that makes a hunting trip so special? Of course, there is the vast nature and abundant wildlife. There is also getting to know a different hunting culture and of course meeting new people. Hunters look forward to such an adventure for months. Because the anticipation begins as soon as your trip has been confirmed.

Hunting trips have always fascinated us at Barrel and Boar. But we do them our own way, following the international principle of Fair Chase. That means you will only be hunting in the wild at every location. You will not find a fence or other barrier anywhere in our hunting areas. Further, these game species also need to have strong populations. In most cases, the focus is actually on those that cause damage and in this way we contribute to local wildlife management.

A third requirement is to adhere to fair chase and the rules of hunting ethics. This is how we hunt at home and also over the border. In this way, we are confident that making these trips will continue to be considered sustainable in the future. And for you as a hunter, it remains an enriching experience to embark on a new foreign adventure with friends.

About us

While England, France, Germany and Scotland are known quantities, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the Baltic States remain rather unknown and therefore unloved. But this is unjustified, because there is great wildlife there too, the landscapes are beautiful and friendly people are ready to show you it all.

With Outings, you can now take on the adventure in these countries with confidence. Feel free to ask any questions, we’ll be happy to help you.

I wish you all “Waidmannsheil” and a great hunting experience.


Frank Smeulders