Hunting in Croatia

In Croatia you hunt in the most beautiful pearl of the Balkans. The country has the same size as the Netherlands and Flanders together, but divides that sparsely populated area over just 4.3 million inhabitants.

When communism ended in the early nineties, a lot changed for this former Yugoslavian member state. Tourism and a booming economy brought prosperity. Today Croatia is a popular holiday destination that is easily accessible, both by plane and by car.

Croatia shares the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean climate with Italy. Furthermore, it borders Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia. The capital Zagreb is centrally located in the north.

Jagen in Kroatië

Variation from inland to coast

Despite all political changes, Croatia’s natural beauty has remained intact. For a relatively small country, this nature is particularly varied and rich in wildlife.

One of Europe’s best red deer reserves lies in the north-east of the country where the mighty Danube River forms a natural border with Serbia. The stags there are absolutely top-notch.

While other countries are currently suffering from a shortage of wild boar, Croatia remains safe from African swine fever for the time being. Tightly organised hunts guarantee professionally conducted drives and large parades.

Finally, along the coast you can combine a sun holiday with an exciting chamois and mouflon hunt. The mountains are challenging but breathtakingly beautiful. This is the perfect trip to book with your partner or family.

Hunting trips to Croatia

Gems jagen in Kroati"

Chamois hunting in Croatia

  • DateBy 1 October to 31 January
  • LocationBiokovo
  • Animals Chamois
  • Type of yachtStalking
  • Cost2.950,00 (incl. VAT)
Drijfjacht in Kroatië

Driven hunt in Croatia

  • DateBy 1 November to 16 January
  • LocationSlatina
  • Animals Wild boar
  • Type of yachtDriven hunt
  • Cost890,00 (incl. VAT)
Herten jagen in Kroatië

Majestic stag hunting in Croatia

  • DateBy 1 September to 17 October
  • LocationOsjek
  • Animals Red deer
  • Type of yachtHigh seat and stalking
  • Cost1.250,00 (incl. VAT)
Herten jagen in Kroatië

Red stag hunting in Croatia

  • DateBy 1 September to 19 September
  • LocationPeteranec
  • Animals Red deer
  • Type of yachtHigh seat and stalking
  • Cost1.150,00 (incl. VAT)

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