Hunting in France

Hunting and living like God in France, who wouldn’t want that? Combine the pleasant with the Burgundian lifestyle in the Southwest of France. Those who have already visited this region know that here lies the soul of ‘La douce France’.

Beautiful landscapes with a sloping to mountainous character where you can hunt summer roebucks during the rut. Further south, the Pyrenees offer an adventure on chamois, mouflon and red stags ‘hors catégorie’.

Hunting and enjoying

The South of France does not know the word ‘hurry’. It is therefore the ideal trip to relax after the hunt with friends or even your family.

To hunt roebucks, we take you to the French departments Lot, Dordogne and Gers. In these regions, varied agriculture still rules. With crops that you don’t see in our country anymore but are still cultivated here on a large scale. Selective snackers such as roe deer thrive here. The rich and varied food supply is also reflected in their beautiful antlers.

Chamois and mouflon hunting will take you to the very south of the beautiful Pyrenees. Far from ski lifts and civilisation, you will find yourself alone in the world. The thin air, breathtaking views and the steep, serene mountains make for a hunting adventure of the highest standard.

Hunting trips to France

Chamois hunting in France

  • DateBy 1 October to 31 January
  • LocationPyreneeën
  • Animals Chamois
  • Type of yachtStalking
  • Cost1.450,00 (incl. VAT)

Roebuck hunting in France

  • DateBy 1 June to 6 September
  • LocationZuidwesten van Frankrijk
  • Animals Roe deer
  • Type of yachtStalking
  • Cost1.595,00 (incl. VAT)

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