Hunting in Romania

Since the fall of Ceaucescu in 1989, a new era has dawned for hunters too. Thank God those old times are over. Wildlife is flourishing again like in the best days before the Romanian ruler’s reign.

When you book a trip to Romania today, you are returning to the historic hunting country of yesteryear.

Jagen in Roemeniƫ

Magic of the Carpathians

Anyone who has ever hunted in the Carpathians will forever have this impressive mountains engraved as a brand in their hunting memory.

It is hunting in its purest form in a land where litres of ink have already flowed in hunting literature. The Carpathians have left such an unforgettable impression on its visitors.

The Carpathians are home to famous hunting grounds where heads of state and dignitaries have had their hunter’s heart beating throughout the centuries. Now you have the chance to measure up and marvel at the untouched Romanian wilderness and write your own piece of hunting history.

Hunting trips to Romania

Red stag hunting in Romania

  • DateBy 17 September to 30 September
  • LocationKarpaten
  • Animals Red deer
  • Type of yachtStalking
  • Cost990,00 (incl. VAT)

Roebuck hunting in Romania

  • DateBy 15 May to 15 August
  • LocationUitlopers Karpaten
  • Animals Roe deer
  • Type of yachtStalking
  • Cost1.395,00 (incl. VAT)

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