The moose is Europe’s largest deer. This primeval animal is found only in countries with enormous natural areas. These are often breathtaking wildernesses that have not yet been touched by humans.

The best known of course is Sweden where moose even represent the country’s national status symbol. But also the Baltic states with Estonia in the lead are home to big stocks of the largest huntable game species.

Rutting season – when the bull is called in to 15-20 metres – is absolutely spectacular. But also a classic Swedish driven hunt is possible where besides moose also other game can be hunted.

Jachtreizen Moose

Moose hunting in Estonia

  • DateBy 15 September to 15 December
  • LocationEiland Saaremaa en vasteland
  • Animals Moose
  • Type of yachtHigh seat and stalking
  • Cost1.850,00 (incl. VAT)

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