There are still areas where you can hunt mouflon. Although this illustrious game species is threatened by wolves, there are still countries with large, healthy populations. Examples are Hungary and Slovakia.

Especially the Czech Republic is still known as the European country for hunting this wild sheep.

Closer to home in Germany, you also have the opportunity to hunt a nice ram while stalking or sit and wait in a raised hide.

Jachtreizen Mouflon

Drukjacht in Tsjechië

Driven hunt in Czech Republic

  • DateBy 1 November to 15 January
  • LocationPilsen
  • Animals Red deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Mouflon, Wild boar
  • Type of yachtDriven hunt
  • Cost1.975,00 (incl. VAT)

Driven hunt in Bad Kreuznach

  • DateBy 30 October to 30 October
  • LocationBad Kreuznach
  • Animals Roe deer, Mouflon, Wild boar
  • Type of yachtDriven hunt
  • Cost249,00 (incl. VAT)

Mouflon hunting in Czech Republic

  • DateBy 1 August to 31 January
  • LocationNoord-Bohemen
  • Animals Mouflon
  • Type of yachtHigh seat and stalking
  • Cost890,00 (incl. VAT)

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